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What makes us Us?

Knowing what is at the heart of your business

What makes DanSci Dance Studio stand out? .... we know it is not just our awesome class and facilities but the community we have built. Here we turned to some of our customers and staff for their opinions on what makes DanSci great.

'Great place to get fit and have fun. Exeter's answer to Pineapple Studios in London'- Jan

'This is such a fantastic place for children to socialise and learn the art of dance. It's a warm, friendly and family orientated organisation. Love it'- Claire

'A wonderful welcoming studio, beautiful bright space, fabulous floor, lots of different classes for all ages. It is an excellent resource for Exeter' – Katie

'Clean & elegantly beautiful dance studio. Such a variety of dancing skills under 1 roof! Amazing!' - Maxine

Lovely welcoming studio with something for everyone' - Julia

'Beautiful dance studio with loads of different classes for all ages! ACE!' - Amie

'Fun Friendly classes for all ages. A huge amount of effort has clearly been put into this dance studio to make it a great success' - Duncan

' I think its a brilliant studio which provides a variety of classes to all different age groups. I feel it is an asset to Exeter and its residents. I especially love babyballet!' - Hayley

The reason DanSci Dance Studio is so special is that not only have we built an amazing professional facility in the heart of the city but we have also built a space for the dance community to come together. Collaborations are made, friendships formed, ideas shared. We have an environment where we can shout about the health benefits, physically and psychologically of participating in dance. We cater for the complete novice to the professional and since opening have hosted the Royal Academy of Dance for their teaching training programme and worked with Dance in Devon to bring back the Exeter Youth Dance Company, both of which had left Exeter due to a lack or suitable venues, funding and opportunities in previous years.

We provide professional facilities essential for safe, healthy dance practice, and can help educate dancers to lead healthy lifestyles. We give young people with learning and physical disabilities, who may not have had the chance to dance in more traditional dance school settings the chance to perform in the community as everyone who comes to the studio enhances our community. Being all inclusive benefits everyone who graces our premises and of course the most important aspect is that everyone at DanSci Dance Studio is passionate and Loves Dance! We have built more than just a viable business for Exeter.


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