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* Exciting Lockdown Programme for our Youngest Dancers*

* EXCITING LOCKDOWN PROGRAMME ANNOUNCEMENT* We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are ready to provide every child under the age of 6 in the UK, with 8 themed weeks of exciting content to help through lockdown number 3.



Because we want to help 🥰

Over the past 15 years, we have created classes, resources and content, which up until now have only been enjoyed by children attending our classes but due to the challenge of the situation we find ourselves in, it is time to share it publicly to help to keep the nation's young children active and having fun through lockdown.

During the first lockdown, in addition to our regular classes, we developed and produced additional content and resources for our families to enjoy including character videos, themed classes and fun activities.

These were all shared privately but now that we find ourselves in yet another lockdown and we know what a tough time this is for everyone involved, we have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help the nation as much as we possibly can by sharing these resources FREE OF CHARGE to EVERY child in the UK via parents/carers, nurseries, preschools and schools.


👍 EXISTING babyballet® FAMILIES - For those already enjoying online weekly classes with your local teacher, this is an additional extra for you all to enjoy!

👍 DIRECT TO PARENTS AND CARERS HOME EDUCATING - We want to help parents and carers with their home educating responsibilities and to help keep their children active, entertained, educated and having fun whilst they are at home.

👍 VIA NURSERIES, PRE-SCHOOLS AND SCHOOLS - We want to help practitioners and teachers in childcare and educational settings with lesson planning and resources that are in line with their learning objectives and outcomes.

Practitioners and teachers can use our resources for the children who are being taught face to face i.e. Vulnerable children and children of key workers who are attending nurseries, pre-schools and schools in person but they will also be able to send them out to the families who are learning from home.

We have already had an overwhelming response from nurseries, pre-schools and schools who LOVE what we are providing as they are desperate to find excellent quality, educational, engaging and fun resources and content for the children they are responsible for.


Every week, we will provide you with a link to access the following, all of which is FREE OF CHARGE

🌈 A theme of the week e.g. Animal Adventure, Celebrating People Who Help

🌈 A ten-minute activity session at 10am every week day

🌈 A Boogie Time video

🌈 A Sing-a-long video

🌈 A Story Time video

🌈 Additional resources including fun activities and colouring sheets

🌈 An information sheet to explain the learning objectives covered each week Please be assured and have absolute peace of mind that our exceptional content has been thoroughly researched and developed by professionals over many years and is in line with the following Government Educational Frameworks:

☑️ UK - Early Years Foundation Stage (@EYFS) ☑️ UK - Year One (KS1) ☑️ SCOTLAND - Realising The Ambition: Being Me ☑️ SCOTLAND - The Early Years Framework ☑️ WALES - Foundation Phase ☑️ NORTHERN IRELAND - Learning to Learn Areas of learning covered are:

🌟 Communication and language

🌟 Physical development

🌟 Personal, social and emotional development

🌟 Literacy

🌟 Numeracy

🌟 Understanding the world

🌟 Expressive arts and design

🌟 Musicality and rhythm


We have made it super easy to sign up.

All you have to do is go to our website, complete the registration form and then you will be automatically sent the links to access all the resources we are providing you with.

2️⃣ STEP TWO: Register for free, whether you're a parent/carer, nursery, pre-school or school.

3️⃣ STEP THREE: Receive the link and off you go!

After registering, over the next 8 weeks, you will receive a link to access that week's content so you don't need to sign up every time and we will remind you as well, so there's no hassle involved and you won't miss out on anything.

We look forward to helping you through these next weeks and beyond. Please feel free to share so we can help as many children as we can during these challenging times.

Please stay safe everybody.

babyballet® is here to help and be with you every step of the way.

Magical wishes,

🌟🌈🥰 All at babyballet® 🥰🌈🌟



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