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Adult Dance Classes at DanSci Dance Studio, Exeter

Step into a world of dance excitement at DanSci Dance Studio! Embarking on a new class might feel a tad overwhelming, but hey, we've all stood in those shoes before. We totally get those butterflies and the thrill of trying something fresh. Here at DanSci, we're not just a dance studio – we're a community that thrives on warmth and camaraderie. Our dancers, your future dance buddies, share the same passion: to revel in the joy of dance. Get ready to unleash laughter as much as you break a sweat!

If you're new to our vibrant dance hub, guess what? You're in for a treat! Your first dance class is on the house – yes, you heard right! Use the coupon code "FirstClass" when you book online, and it's all yours. But hey, a little advice from us: while we're all about freebies, we recommend giving yourself a solid three weeks to soak in the groove. It takes a bit to really sink into the rhythm and savor the full dance experience.

Our dance kingdom isn't just about weekly classes; it's a dance haven curated for you. From sizzling styles to captivating courses, we've got it all. We're not just about the regular routine either – our space is a canvas for the best instructors in Devon and special guest artists from afar. Picture one-of-a-kind workshops and events that'll make your dance journey pop! This page will show you our regular week classes but please do wonder around the rest of our site to see what else we have in store

Want a dance roadmap personalized just for you? Give us a shout at 01392 41 22 22, and our friendly team will gladly guide you through the dance wonderland that suits you best. Remember, dancing is a journey, and we're right by your side as you find your groove. It's not just about the moves; it's about the memories waiting to be made. Let's dance! 🕺💃

Welcome Home

For more information & to book your workshop, adult class, video session or 1 to 1 sessions choose the relevant tab below, pick a session and book your place!! *
Disclaimer: All DanSci bookings are non refundable, you are reserving space in a session. 48 hours notice required to amend bookings. You are reserving a space in the class. Participants must comply with our Covid-19 saftey measures

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DanSci Dance Studio Classes:

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External Instructors at DanSci Dance Studio, Exeter

Please contact external instructors directly to find out more about their sessions, pricing and avalibility.


Mondays 7.15pm

Ballet with Tara £10

A ballet class for those with experince This traditional dance class will develop technique and style. 

Adult balllet class for those with previous experience. The sessions will follow a traditinal class structure


This class is suitable for all ages 16+. Come and have some fun 


Wednesdays 6.15PM

Adults body conditioning with Nicholette. £6.00

A low impact fitness class suitable for all ages. The class consists of a gentle warm up followed by upper body exercises using resistance bands, stretching and toning, then floor work to target legs, bums and tums. A friendly and relaxed class for mixed ability, good for burning calories, staying agile and meeting people.

Please bring your own floor mat and resistance band if you have one.

For more details please contact Nicholette

07810 750950

Dom ballet_edited.jpg

Tuesdays 7.30pm

Adult Contemporary £8

This is an open level class, suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers. Contemporary dance has been built using techniques from a variety of styles as well as creating new technique. In this class we will focus on building technique and strength, as well as learning choreography to bring it all together. The class is a perfect opportunity to experiment in a new style, work on fitness levels and most importantly have fun!

£8 per class or a discounted monthly pass to book please contact Dominique at


Tuesdays 6:30 pm

Jazz with Nicholette (Intermediate)£6

Nicholette's friendly & relaxed classes have the emphasis on fun & accessibility where members often have the chance to perform routines in local productions & showcases. This is an intermediate class for those with previous Jazz dance experience

Dom ballet_edited.jpg

Tuesdays 6.30pm

Adult Beginner Ballet £8

A ballet class with a difference, it doesn’t matter how flexible you are or if you’ve never danced before - everyone is welcome. We will gradually break down and build technique to create a strong foundation to compliment the choreography. If your dream is to pirouette or posè turn, this class will help you get there. Our aim is to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment for all our dancers to achieve their goals.

Our unique exercises have been developed to achieve maximum results with every movement. We expand on traditional ballet exercises such as pliés, balances and leg extensions to work as many muscle groups as possible whilst always activating the core and arms to really make the most of the hour-long class. Every exercise incorporates stretching to lengthen muscles and increase flexibility.

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing (gym or yoga leggings or tights are perfect). Ballet shoes or socks on your feet.

Our teaching style is relaxed and friendly. We encourage you to ask questions and have a giggle. We hope to welcome you to class soon!

£8 per class or a discounted monthly pass to book please contact Dominique at

We want you to enjoy your class so T-shirt and leggings/Tracksuit bottoms are ideal for your first few times to help you feel comfortable. Any specific items required can be purchased through our in-house Dance Wear Shop; The Dressing room. Where we can also fit you for those specia items like your ballet shoes. Do also check out our beautiful range of online merch in our store.
Just Remember we do not allow outside footwear on our beautiful Dance floor!