Adult Dance Classes at DanSci Dance Studio, Exeter

We know it can be a little daunting trying a new class but don't worry we have all been there and know how it feels. We consider ourselves and the dancers here at DanSci Dance Studio as welcoming and friendly, you will find all have similar aims and just want to enjoy dancing. Be prepared to laugh as much as sweat!

If you are new to our studio then you can claim your FREE first class by using the the subscription form. We would just like to suggest that although we offer a free class, we also recommend that you should stick at the sessions for at least three weeks as it takes a little time to get to settle into the routine and really appreciate the class.

As well as our own fantastic timetable of weekly adult dance classes, dance courses and workshops in a wide range of styles; DanSci Dance Studio is hired by some of the best teaching faculty in Devon as well as guest artists from further a-field who provide one off works shops and events. If you would like to book in with a member of our team to discuss which might be the best classes for you, just give us a shout on 01392 41 22 22. Remember, it can take a few sessions to really settle into a new class but both our staff and instructors are on hand to help you along your dance journey.

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DanSci Dance Studio Classes:

Back to Ballet | Beginners, Improvers and open classes

Ballet is an elegant classical form of dance that is also a fantastic way to tone up all parts of the body, improve posture, balance and flexibility.

Our adult ballet classes are designed to give you training and understanding of the ballet technique whilst giving you a pleasurable versatile type of exercise. As a foundation of all dance, ballet will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve breathing, body alignment and sense of well-being. Using a mixture of techniques, repertoire and creativity, this fun friendly class will push your dance training to the next level.



£7.00 Drop in Class

Contemporary dance is a genre originally informed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, but has since come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance. Our adult Contemporary class at DanSci Dance Studio is an open level class and welcomes everyone. From beginner to advanced, the class will focus on a mixture of technique, floor & corner work, and choreography. With benefits including a progression in fitness, flexibility and posture. 


7.00 Drop in Class

Flowetic includes a real mix of dance styles including elements of ballet, contemporary dance and lyrical jazz, amongst others. Flowetic is for adults of all ages, sizes and ability levels. If you love music and dance, this is the class for you! Like all good fitness classes, attending regular Flowetic classes can help with; weight loss, endorphin release (the happy hormone!), muscle strengthening and toning as well as an increase in mobility and range of movement. Flowetic is 'you' time, at the end of a class you'll feel much more balanced and in control, both mentally and physically. You'll walk out of the studio taller and happier than when you first walked in!

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

£7.00 On it's own or £12.00 As a combo


We are proud to be the first certified studio in Devon of Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) this innovative program will assist students in understanding the depth of training muscle memory in order to achieve their personal best in dance training and fitness. Darcey Bussell says: 'A program of this quality is invaluable, as it advances a young dance student's ability to understand the techniques of classical dance training'  

PBT is an ideal complementary training program for all students, especially our Acro, ballet and Contemporary dancers at DanSci Dance Studio.


Exercises are modified according to age & level. Can be purchased as a stand alone class or a bolt on at a reduced rate to Back to Ballet

Book PBT Ballet Combo and save 20%

Street Dance | Commercial Style

£7.00 Drop in Class

Inspired by the latest music and pop videos? Then come along and try our adult street dance. Led by our friendly and professional dance instructors who will warm you up, teach you basic street dance moves and grooves then combine them in a routine you can practice. Each week these high energy classes will have you burning calories, developing rhythm, coordination, and confidence. Class members are invited to join the DanSci members facebook page to view videos of their class and keep up with choreography.

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Outside Instructors at DanSci Dance Studio, Exeter

Tap Tonic | Tuesday 6:30pm Improvers/Intermediate


Get fit and learn a fantastic new skill with Tap Tonic – adult tap dancing lessons for all ages!  The art of tap dance has become more trendy and current in recent years with the fantastic Syncopated Ladies & the like taking You Tube by storm.  Learn, laugh and have fun tapping to new and old tunes, in a friendly inclusive environment.  Classes start with a warm up to loosen the ankles/feet and stretch out key leg muscles, then brush up on technique with various steps/rhythms, including American combos which are very different to the UK style syllabus tap.  Then have fun learning a routine tapping to all styles of music.  There is something very satisfying about making music with your feet – so come and join our fabulous Tap Family and get yourself some Tonic!

Jazz with Nicholette (Intermediate)


Nicholette's friendly & relaxed classes have the emphasis on fun & accessibility where members often have the chance to perform routines in local productions & showcases. This is an intermediate class for those with previous Jazz dance experience

Strut Your Stuff | Wednesdays 6.30 pm

£5 Per Class

​Your Body was MADE TO MOVE! At Strut Your Stuff we believe everyone and anyone can dance! The hour class starts with a high powered energy workout…which will motivate the workout warrior within you! This then leads into progressive grooves - focusing on body isolation's and learning to find your own natural groove. The class ends with a choreographed routine which gives you the opportunity to let go and Strut Your Stuff! If you love a fun workout and have a passion to dance…take the step in the right direction and join us in our energetic, fun, supportive environment.

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