DanSci Dance Studio Values

Miss Ava enjoyed attending the Female leadership event on Friday. Hosted by Pavilians Dance South West at the lovely @brewhouselive in Taunton. It was a fascinating and inspirational day of discussion with some truely aspirational women. . Listening to the speakers it really brought home our studio values (which we also celebrated over the weekend) Our values are the back bone to all the studio decisions so we thought it would be a great idea to remind you all of them.

So what does 'DanSci' stand for? ...

Dance is our passion and we want to share its benefits. We aim to teach our students to express themselves and their individuality through the movement of dance, build confidence and a healthy mind, body and spirit. These are our set of values expected of both staff and students, which enables us to create our learning environment.


We offer a diverse range of dance styles enabling dancers to experience a myriad of dance genres. This prepares our dancers for the demands of today’s industry and allows us to offer ‘something for everyone’ We welcome dancers from all backgrounds and will not discriminate upon age, gender, ability or ethnicity.

A is for ATTITUDE...

We promise to maintain a positive and supportive attitude at all times while teaching not only the fundamental technique of dance but the etiquette, life skills and sense of self which is associated with the art form. By respecting our students we aim to grow thinking and compassionate dancers who in return have a positive attitude to dance.

N is for NURTURE...

We endeavour to nurture each member of the DanSci Dance Studio family whether dancer, student, parents, or employees in a caring, supportive and positive atmosphere. It is important to us that every member is cared for on their dance journey no matter which direction it may take them.

S is for SCIENCE...

We aim to enhance performance, reduce injury and improve well-being and health through the practical application of scientific principals complimenting traditional dance training techniques. Whether this is through the development of our dance syllabuses, educating dancers and practioners or promoting the health benefits of dance to the general population.

C is for COMMUNITY...

We will aid the growth of our own unique community and the dance community of Exeter. This extends to the wider community of Exeter by enthusing our passion of dance through meaningful performance opportunities and charitable associations.

I is for INTEGRITY....

Consistently demonstrating integrity and quality through our teaching we aim to express that success is not measured by awards and trophies but by enabling individual dancers to achieve their goals, becoming mindful, honourable dancers who challenge themselves without comparing their abilities to others. Whether this is in daily class or through the magical world of performance.

We hope these values are in line with your beliefs of the ideal dance studio as we welcome you to our family.


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