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Compulsory Uniform requirements for DanSci Youth Classes

There are many reasons why a uniform in dance is important. At DanSci we strive to create fun and energetic classes however, by “dressing the part” a student looks like, behaves and becomes a dancer enabling a sense of pride for our dance community and home. It can prevent bullying  as everyone is dressed the same and promotes class unity. Not only can inappropriate clothing cause discomfort and even injury but it makes it harder for the teacher to make corrections when needed if they cannot see a dancers alignment and posture from head to toe (Psssh...we sell hair accessories too so no excuses for untidy hair!)


Our uniform is custom designed, created exclusively for DanSci Dance Studio and there is something for everyone! It has taken in many considerations such as styles and price point allowing students to mix- and-match creating their own individual comfortable look, especially great for dancers who enjoy multiple dance styles.

If you need any help selecting the most appropriate items for your chosen classes, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can try all items and exchange sizes at the studio

When ordering your uniform use promo code: UNIFORM for free collection from the studio (Valid for compulsury uniform items only)

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