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Dancing Through Life: Celebrating the Success of DanSci Adult MTS in 'It's Just Walking'

In the Exeter dance scene, you will find the lively community known as the DanSci Adult MTS Company. You may have seen them recently during their performances at the Cygnet Theatre and the Phoenix. Embarking on this bold journey, this eclectic group of amateur adult dancers shares their experimental showcase, “It’s Just Walking,” under the creative direction of the gifted Miss Helena.

“It’s Just Walking” unravels the rich story of rediscovering dance through one person’s 20-year hiatus. What began as a personal quest unveiled a narrative that absorbed the audience into the experience of emotions and physical challenge as movement became the vehicle to overcome. This unique spectacle was the catalyst for a true melding of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. Out of this came a camaraderie that bonded over dance, the ultimate form of release.

Mixed Group Shows Their Strengths

The MTS Company proudly displayed that their mixed group is a strong group showing once again just how tight-knit a mixed group at the company can be, and through their shared passion for the joy of movement and dance they continually celebrate the magic of dance. You could see that magic at the Cygnet Theatre and the Phoenix where they recently performed, and as always their performances showed off their unity and the transformative power of dance.

A Triumph From Start to Finish

The show was as much a joy for the MTS Company as a whole as it was a triumph. Filled with shared laughter backstage, shared moments among themselves, and shared moments on stage their fun-filled energy, and the joy that they clearly felt from performing was infectious. It undoubtedly left the rest of the audience inspired, and nothing is more in the spirit of dance than that.

More Adventures in the Making

As the DanSci Adult MTS Company looks back on their recent performances, they’re no doubt looking forward to more in the future. Their performances on stage only continued to stoke their collective passion for dance, and there’s no doubt that we on the sideline eagerly await the adventures that are yet to come. And, with Miss Helena to guide them, the DanSci Adult MTS Company is sure to have countless more opportunities to continue to share their collective joy of movement with the world.

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“Just Walking” by the DanSci Adult MTS Company truly gave the audience unforgettable performances, but there is so much more to the success of the number than that. Dance has the power to transform, to invigorate, to uplift, and to unite. The dancers themselves have given their heart, soul and every waking hour of practice, and the result was not just a number that we celebrated in awe, but the spirit of dance that brought these beautiful and talented individuals together. Because in the end, this is what “Just Walking” is about. DanSci Adult MTS Company’s performances of “It’s Just Walking” is a call to join the kind of revolution that could unite us all, and the call is this: Dance. Try a class at DanSci Dance Studio. Be part of a community that dances, connects, and celebrates the joy of movement, life, and love together. Simply because.


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