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Setting your Dance Goals

The idea of working step by step towards something can be difficult to grasp and without the proper help, support and knowledge, dancers may find it hard to progress beyond the goal setting phase so here's our top tips.

SET SMART GOALS Tips for setting your personal dance goals

So we're back in the studio after a long summer break! It is an exciting time and now is the perfect time to figure out your dance goals.

Here are a few tips to make your goal specific and measurable, 'I want to be a better turner,' just wont cut it! you need to hone in and think of something more specific. What about: 'Achieving clean double pirouettes?' as an example.

Stating your goal allows you to feel empowered with your progress as a dancer. Stick to one goal at a time, once that's mastered you can focus on the next area. So grab a pen and lets come up with your SMART Dance Goals today.

S specific

Be specific! Adapt small goals to apply to what you need. Already got your front splits? then tailor your training to your middle splits, then it will be much more valuable to you.

M measurable

Is it quantifiable? Can you tick off practices? Take before and after photos!

A achievable

This is crucial! Your goal needs to challenge and motivate you but don't set too high it can cause stress and demotivation. Likewise if you choose an easy goal you wont push yourself to be your best.

R realistic

Don’t get us wrong, ambition is a leading trait but start off with something realistic. If you want to gain your splits in a week but can not yet touch your toes you need to break down your goals into smaller steps. aim to reach those toes first!

T time bound

Deadlines. Not something we like, but something most of us need. Especially if you’re someone like Miss Ava, who tends to procrastinate. For example, it’s easy to get lost in the world of the internet looking at cute animal photos or funny videos, but what if you were to say ‘Right, by 11am I want to have done an online morning class…’ then you’ve just motivated yourself to complete a job by an allotted time. This will mean you can complete that 30 day split challenge as you have taken class every day in preparation ;-)

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