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Get our dance community back on their feet dancing

In March 2020 DanSci Dance Studios  sadly closed due to Covid-19….


We spend most of our lives in the studio; it is our home away from home, and boy have we have been seriously missing our home!

Our Campaign 

Through our new Crowdfunder campaign we hope to raise funds to support DanSci Dance Studio to get back on it’s dancing feet again. We need to prepare the building to re-open safely and need support for our staffing costs through the initial re-opening phrase. By supporting our dedicated team we can concentrate on providing the most awesome dance experiences for you; our members, helping our wonderful dancers, find their own dancing feet once more.

 2020 was set to be an awesome year for us as we invested in staff development and planned for some fantastic new projects, performances, and community initiatives then Covid-19 happened...

The impact of Covid-19 “lockdown” has meant that over 500 of our loyal users have been missing out on the physical and mental health benefits of dancing. 

We are thankful for receiving a grant towards our building costs from Exeter council and the use of a bounce back loan to cover some of the outgoings doing our closure. This means we can be optimistic of making it through these difficult times but without any income to the business for nearly six months we seek our communities support now more than ever to cover some of the costs enabling us to re-open. We want our all our staff, instructors hirers and dancers to forget all their troubles and only need to concentrate on dancing when they return 'home' to DanSci.

"We have missed you all! I still find this ‘new lifestyle’ somewhat surreal and can’t wait to get back to some sort of normality! We're really looking forward to coming back to the studio in September" - A DanSci Parent

About us

Since 2013 DanSci Dance Studio has striven to enable everyone to experience the joys of dance delivered by our incredible teachers in our professional facilities. We set the standard in Exeter for professional dance facilities as the first Fit for Dance Space in the area recognised by One Dance UK and we pride ourselves on our environment. Through outreach and local events, we are continuously building new relationships within our local community, disseminating healthier dancer information and an extensive timetable providing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

We our proud to be the long-term home to the multi award winning babyballet Exeter & Exmouth 

If you think you can help us in any way by pledge any amount head on over to our fundraising page:

We miss all our DanSci family immensely and just want to get back to dancing with you all safely again very soon. We have put our plans on hold and hope that the new season will let us launch our new youth dance initiatives and professional dancer development courses as well as providing all the awesome classes and events you already love.

We are open to suggestions on how we can also achieve some match funding and invite ideas and suggestions from our members and the wider dance community also

Thank you for your time and support.

Love everyone at DanSci



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