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Back to School - Back to Dance

As parents everywhere are busy preparing for the start of the new accademic term. There are a million things to purchase and remember to organise in the count down to September.....We're going to add one more thing to that list

As teachers and parents there is one thing we know about children and it's not the best best uniform hack or accademic status of a school. It is that is that they thrive best when they have supportive friendship groups.

Whether your superstar is starting school for the first time or returning for their last year and preparing for exams, it is important that they make friends with peers that have similar interests. Peer relationships provide a unique context in which children learn a range of critical social emotional skills, such as empathy, cooperation, and problem-solving strategies. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to meet their best friends at school. Just image if your ownly circle of friends were just your work collegues or family?

We hear all too often of the child bullied at school that can't wait to get to dance class to see their friends. Diverse friends that cross age gaps, school districts and social backgrounds.

We all need those bonds and luckly it is one of the many benefits of attending dance classes! (Because we know you have all heard of the numerous physical and physchological benfits of dance!!)

So, as you check off whether you have the right shoes, pencil case and pack lunch box consider enrolling in an extra curricular activty like dance. It can really help navigating the big changes of attending school , gives an artistic, emotional outlet, and can help your child find life long friends that will boost their confidence, help they build healthy habits, and push them to be their best. works for adult too!!

Find a class today:


With a Little Help from my Friends—The Importance of Peer Relationships For Social-Emotional Development

November 1, 2018 Publisher: The Pennsylvania State University: Author(s): Pepler D, and Bierman K

Photography: Perspective Photography...backstage at our recent production


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