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Having gratitude and reminding yourself of your accomplishments

This is a very personal, special edition blog. When facing challenging times it can be difficult to keep a positive mind-set. As the director of a business, the buck stops with me to make the business a success to shape and mould the direction of the business, the systems we use, the people employed, the facilities provided, the day to day running and the long term future prospects. As a dance studio owner there is also the added pressure of holding the dreams of so many other people, their aspirations in your hand too. I did not dream of being a business owner, to make huge amounts of money to wear a suit (Strangely I spend more time in marigolds anyway!!) I wanted to dance....quite selfishly really, my family have had to make huge sacrifices for me to train only to up and leave and travel where there was work, to think about myself. Creative people are not the easiest to be around, to live with. We get engrossed in our projects losing focusing of loved ones, food, cleaning the house!! If it was difficult living with me when I was doing what I loved it was worse when I was not. I was not the best person to be around when it all came crashing down and I could no longer dance. I lost my identity as much as a vocation.

I suffered from depression and self destructive tendencies. Don't even ask my husband how he survived these times at rock bottom. A series of life changing events shaped how I ended up back in Exeter, My father dying, returning to University, having my son. It was the next big challenge of nearly losing my daughter to meningitis which spurred me to create something magical. Not dwell on day to day but use my talents, embrace and enjoy life. babyballet Exeter was the perfect solution with DanSci Dance Studio the obvious evolution.

I strongly believe that we should use our gifts to do good in the world to try our best to improve our surroundings, environment and atmosphere. I had to leave Exeter to train as there was no facilities or opportunities but there is the talent here. DanSci Dance Studio is only just beginning, we have created a space with the same professional standards expected from the big cities. Our dancers shouldn't expect less. We get to choose the best syllabus and to bring the best names to teach. We have a plan to create more than just a dance studio. This is home, it will house all things dance and be a safe haven for our tiniest dancers to our eldest, recreational dancers, therapeutic dance , education and scientific knowledge even if down the line the address changes.

Recently, our home has come under threat from outside influences. This is just another challenge, another hurdle which we will over come as we are now a community. I am not the Director of a business, I am the facilitator of our community and spend as much time dancing and teaching in the studio where the magic is. I have a duty of care not just to keep our dancers safe but to think how we are affecting the city we live in. It is important that the next generation of Exeter city citizens we see come through our doors each week lay positive memories. Therefore, I am trying to keep what happens outside our doors well and truly outside of our area. Please be assured I am doing all I can to protect the best interest and welfare of all parties.

Today though I am reminded of what has been achieved. When a new dancer walks through our front door and exclaims 'Wow, a real dance studio! I am so glad I have come here to dance' I know that we really do have something special. DanSci Dance studio was created from nothing, when we put our minds to something we can achieve anything. Just look what we have done guys, lets be proud of what we have achieved and celebrate our successes so far, I know there will be many more to come. Thankyou everyone for your support, I promise we will continue to dance (wherever that maybe)

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