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Our adult dancers are so super special to us and here they tell you why they come to classes

We are so excited to be getting back to the studio super soon. We know how important dance is not just for fitness but also for our mental well-being. But we want to know your thoughts too!

So we surveyed our adult dancers across all genres to find out what makes attending dance classes so great for them!

100% of our adult dance class participants gave our sessions 5 stars in a recent poll

Some of the feedback of the sessions at DanSci were so generous: “A welcoming dance school with fantastic teachers. The classes are fun with beautiful choreography, which is taught well and easy to follow.”

“Great teachers, welcoming environment.”

“There's a dance style and class for everyone!”

It’s great to hear that we are on the right track with the sessions we offer but there is always room for improvements.

As well as the classes they already attend we wanted to hear what other styles you would like to see available so we can get on the case to offer the dance styles YOU want

There was a pretty even spread of ideas so it looks like we will be getting busy building out our timetable in the months to come. There were also suggestions of more Jazz, and that the recent PBT workshops were thoroughly enjoyed. “Contemporary is a beautiful, fun class. Ballet with Ava is also fantastic as was the PBT workshop I attended.”

During the current climate it was also reassuring to know that 85% of our adults surveyed felt safe from covid because of the measure we had put in place.

Why? We really wanted to know why our adult dancers come to class. The majority ticked to get fit however, the comments tell us so much more.

Of Course, we as teachers know that there are many benefits and reasons to attend dance classes but nothing beats hearing it straight from you especially when it starts with “Enjoyment”

• “Improve confidence and helps me feel alive with the expression that comes with movement”

• “Waves of nostalgia, a lovely atmosphere, beautiful technique”

• “Time to be absolutely present in the moment, you have to stop worrying about everything else.”

• “Learning! And learning difficult things gives a great sense of satisfaction”.

• “It’s fun”

• “Dancing to wonderful music is the best!”

• “Great fun and learning new things”

• “It helped me to make new friends when I moved to the city. It’s a nice thing to do after work to decompress from the day and just enjoy yourself. I’m always so happy after dance class”

• “Dance is therapeutic on so many levels!

-physical movement

-listening to music

-working collectively with others

-social connection

-mindful time to focus on what you are doing

All in the most friendly, supportive, welcoming environment.

• “Complete immersion (forget all the stresses of life!), fun, challenging, and a laugh”

• “Great form of exercise and more fun than going to the gym”

After the year we have all had we can’t wait to see you back in class in the new season. Still keeping safe enjoying our community, friendships, learning new things and escaping to your dance ‘home’


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