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Do you know who is teaching your dance classes?

Here at DanSci we pride ourselves in the facilities, range of dance styles and opportunities we provide for our dancers of all ages however, there is more to building a small local business and providing great dance classes to our community.

Once you have decided to try a dance class and have decided on the style, location and day/time there are a few other important factors you should consider. Dance in the UK is an unregulated activity, basically this means that there are no formal qualifications or requirements needed to set up classes. A conscientious studio though will ensure their instructors hold appropriate qualifications and experience in the styles teach.

You are absolutely within your rights to ask about the teacher’s background. Here at DanSci we ensure all our teachers not only have the relevant teaching qualification in the examining board of the style they teach and can bring their professional experience and expertise to the studio but also

that they are passionate about dance and teaching to the highest standards.

As well as running teaching qualifications

with internationally recognised associations for our assistants all teaching faculty hold first aid and paediatric first aid plus, their safeguard certification as bare minimum. Not to mention enhanced DBS checks to work with children and adults. With Continued Professional Development part of our contracts, most of our staff also have additional qualifications in mental health, nutrition, SEND, and various supplementary trainings.

As we teach our students we believe we are always learning and strive to continue our own education to pass to our dancers.

It’s all very well having enthusiasm for teaching and great qualifications but it also depends on how the studio runs as whole. Some of those little hidden expenses we have to swallow to ensure our dancers safety, success and our own business growth include making sure we have appropriate public and employment liability insurance, that we hold the relevant music licenses, our facilities are registered as Fit to Dance spaces. We are compliant with your personal details by using specific software and accountancy procedures certified by the ICO so you know that we are doing our very best to protect you.

All these certificates you can find displayed in our reception and we are transparent with all our documentation. Always feel free to ask for evidence from your chosen studio of their documentation and copies of their policies and procedures. As a bare minim there should be Health and Safety, Child safe guarding & Child protection, Equal opportunities and Diversity and Code of Professional Conduct accessible to prospective students. Check out our policy page HERE You can request a copy too or contact us if you feel there is something missing.

While you are there, check you can get to know our staff a little better too HERE

Our studio space is a safe space where everyone is welcome to raise concerns or issues so that we can actively address and protect students, staff and teachers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our awesome community for trusting that we will always have your best interests at the centre of our hearts and all that we do. In return we ask that you follow our rules and procedures and families yourself with our studio values and vision which you can find HERE


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