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Handstand Spotting!

Welcome back to the mini spotting series! Today we’re focusing on handstands with a few different exit variations. If you’ve not yet read ‘The Heroic Handstand’ post it may be a good idea. It will help with the technique understanding to give your dancers verbal ques. . Just as with the previous ‘Bridge Spotting’ post, this is just one of many ways to correctly spot a handstand.

1) Stand or kneel at the opposite side of the dancers tendu. This will position you closer to the first leg that will be kicking up.

2) As the dancer transfers their weight into their hands, catch the first leg between the knee and ankle when it is vertical. Try to avoid reaching the leg and pulling it up. The second leg should quickly follow and stop beside the first.

3) Once the dancer is secure, hold them steady with one hand whilst adjusting technique with the other hand and/or verbal ques.

4) To return to standing, instruct the dancer to bring one leg down first and then finish in the same position they started in.

5) To go to bridge, firstly make sure the dancer is looking at the floor in a curved handstand. Then place your near arm low on the dancer’s hips and your far arm supporting their shoulders. Their legs should float to the floor with control.

6) To forward roll, firstly make sure the dancer is looking through their arms in a straight handstand. Then instruct them to tuck their chin to their chest and slowly roll onto the top of their back trying to keep the arms straight. If they struggle with this, you may give them some extra help by standing behind them and putting the side of your leg and hip supporting their back whilst you guide them over the arms to roll.

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