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Meet a couple of our adult dance class attendees...

We absolutely love the array of adult classes on offer at DanSci and are excited that new styles are always being added. But we are a little biased so we thought we would ask a couple of our adult class participants what they think about the sessions here and if they had any tips for fellow dancers thinking of trying a class…. Check out Lydia and Steph’s interview. They have been attending our Back to Ballet classes for a little over a year now: So ladies, what made you think about attending a dance Session at DanSci Dance Studio? Lydia: ‘I was looking for a fun way to exercise but also, having recently moved back to Exeter I was looking to meet new people and make friends’ Steph: ‘I love ballet and wanted to find a way to stay fit but also enjoy what I was doing. I also wanted to sustain and increase my flexibility too; ballet seemed the perfect solution.’ Had either of you danced before? I danced as a child/teenager, taking classes in Jazz, Modern and Tap - I did a couple of ballet classes as a young child but never (sadly) with much commitment!! Says Lydia Steph had done ballet from 5 years old up until I was 21. ‘As a child I also did gymnastics and tap/ modern until I was about 10 years old. And dancing at every opportunity to RnB and dancehall music; hereditary from having a Jamaican dad... What made you choose DanSci Dance Studio? Steph says she found it really difficult to find somewhere that offered adult ballet in Exeter. ‘Once I went to my first class at DanSci I felt comfortable and relaxed and kept going back! Exeter is also really easy for me to get to and the classes are in the evening so I can go after work. The classes are also really affordable and pay as you go so you have the flexibility that you sometimes need. Lydia stated that she had heard good reviews about both the studio and the teachers (supportive, encouraging but relaxed). ‘- I was really looking for a relaxed fun class where I wouldn't feel embarrassed and where there wasn't any pressure.’ Was it difficult finding the right class? Steph: ‘It was very difficult finding a studio that offered adult ballet classes with the right times, cost and teacher. I struggle with class times as I can only attend after work from 6/6:30pm onwards so the classes here are ideal.’ Would you try other dance styles or will you stick to ballet? Lydia: ‘I would definitely try other styles and would love to take up tap again. It's fab that DanSci offer a wide range of styles and with the teachers being so supportive and encouraging it's never embarrassing to give something a go you've never done before. ‘ What have you gained through your classes at the DanSci dance Studio? Lydia says: ‘I have gained so much from attending classes at DanSci (including good stomach muscles from laughing so much!!) The classes are such fun it doesn't feel like exercise!! I've also met some great friends and it's really helped to build my confidence. Ava is fab and it feels so great when she compliments your dancing - it makes the sweat and aching muscles worth it!!’ ‘I have gained more stability moving to and now living in Exeter, finding a hobby that I really enjoy going to and helping me put down a few roots. I've also gained a friend for life, and enjoy the relaxation and humour as well as a professional ballet dance class after a hard day/ week at work with really friendly people!’ - Steph Any tips for fellow adults that might consider trying a class? Steph suggests wearing what you feel most comfortable in and can move freely; leggings and a vest top (maybe socks if you don't have dance shoes) and a bottle of water! You'll be fine, and there will definitely be some friendly faces there with you! And... Enjoy it!! Lydia agrees ‘I remember I was so so nervous before my first class but I had emailed Ava to ask what to wear and what to expect and she was great at putting me at ease and answering all my questions. I would suggest for anyone considering a class - just do it!! It's such great fun and is very relaxed. The class I attend on a Thursday has a real mix of abilities which is great because there is always someone who knows what they're doing to copy!! I would definitely suggest wearing something you feel comfortable in -although I still want to wear a tutu to class one day!!’ To wrap it up ladies, can you think of one line to describe DanSci Dance Studio? Lydia: ‘A fantastic place to learn to dance, improve your skills or just have fun!!’ Steph: ‘A positive, relaxed and professional dance experience with a friendly vibe, suitable for everyone.’ Thankyou guys for your fabulous comments. We know you will be super welcoming to any new class goers too, its great having you both in class ;-)

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