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Please Check in before EVERY visit to DanSci Dance Studio

Thanks for submitting!

Please use your fast check-in on arrival at our premises.

After entering the premises:
* Please wash your hands thoroughly.
* Remember to use a cover for your mouth and nose in the communal areas. (11Yrs +)
* To keep us all safe, we both have to refrain from handshakes, hugging or kissing. Instead, we’ll give each other a big smile!

Thank you for helping to keep all of us safe!

Should any of the following symptoms develop, please let us know and to keep all of us safe, please firstly visit your doctor before returning to class.
– Fever
– Cough
– Runny nose
– Sore throat
– Headaches
– Shortness of Breath
– Persistent Pain in the Chest
– Vomiting or feeling sick
– Stomach ache

You have told us that you have not been in contact with anyone who was infected, suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19.

In the event of any changes to your circumstances please update us in confidence by once again reregistering via our one time check-in provided in your intial email

Thank You! and welcome back!
DanSci Dance Studio

We are reopening for dance classes and individual lessons on 1st September 2020!


We have all been through an unusual and unexpected situation, we want to thank you for your support and loyalty during these strange times.


At last it is now possible for dance schools to reopen providing they are COVID-19 Secure. Whilst our mission is to continue to meet the quality standards which you are accustomed to, as well as providing you with a unique dance experience every time you visit our studio. This is not an easy task, considering the various restrictions and procedures that will accompany us in the coming weeks.


Before re-opening, it was important to us to create an above average re-opening concept and ensuring thorough preparation. Hastily opening without a risk assessment, procedures in place and staff training for your health and safety would simply be irresponsible. In preparing our new procedures we worked together with a specialist in the area of health and safety in dance and the local Environmental Health department.


Over the coming days we will be sending out all policies, procedures, risk assessments and advice for returning to dance, this will include the slightly modified class timetable, and a registration link for checking into the building. (Check in will be compulsury for students, staff, parents everyone entering the building)  You will also be able to check out our Website for times and procedures or log onto your parental portal for your specific classes.


babyballet are atill waiting for the go ahead from Head Office which should be by Monday so we will keep you updated seperately.


If your child does not wish to return to DanSci youth classes, we do understand, so please let us know via email to: BEFORE 15th AUGUST to ensure you are not automatically charged for the upcoming month, otherwise we will assume inline with your contract that you are returning and as eager to see us as we are you ;-)


Adults please bear with us regarding class passes as staff are still currently furloughed, we will get on the case as soon as we havbe the (wo)man power to sort accounts


While complying with all the necessary regulations, we shall still be able to offer a near to normal range of classes with minimal changes. Naturally, it may take a while until we can operate normally and in the way as you know and love. 


We don’t think it is fair on you to increase our prices at this time but ask those that are able to get involved in as many of the fundraising activities we have planned as possible. The extra measures have involved additional time and costs which when ongoing will become increasing expensive.


Use and enjoy the last weeks of the unexpected dance break. We cannot wait to see you again when we reopen in September…


We cannot wait to give you a big hug, (but we can’t just yet). 



Good afternoon dance families,


Hoping everyone is well and adjusting during these strange times?

I just wanted to keep you updated with events and how we are adjusting the studio to fit the current situation. We promised to let you know our plans as things developed.


We can with relief now tell you that we have received a grant from the Exeter City Council which will contribute to the rent, bills and insurances etc. This take a huge weight off as it means that the building will be secure for us all to return and resume dancing together again. However, we may need to do some fund raising activities at some point in the future as the grant sadly doesn’t cover all our outgoings! 

In light of, this we have decided the best course of action while our teachers and admin staff are furloughed is to completely suspend everyone’s memberships. This means we can simply freeze time and take up where we left off once restrictions are lifted!


We will continue to provide regular class assignments and catch up calls/emails plus you will keep your CLIStudios portal access while you are an active member.  We will obviously keep in contact as to when the studio will be re-opening and provide a timescale of when payments will resume. Should you decide you would prefer to cancel your membership or Direct Debit, we totally understand these are difficult times for everyone and we would love to welcome you back however, there will be the usual £10 membership fee to pay upon your return and you would be unable to access the class assignments and portal once your membership lapses.


I just want to reach out and thank you for your patience. I truly hope everyone is keeping well and we totally miss you all. We will be using this down time to plan for even bigger better things to come at the studio. Please do send in your suggestions, shows, classes, events you would like us to provide and let’s plan one huge big dance party for when we’re back together!


Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where there are daily updates and challenges to take part in. We are really proud of our DanSci community and love seeing all your photos and videos of you dancing at home.


Keep sane and healthy!


Magical wishes,

Miss Ava





Dear families & dancers

Following the Prime Ministers address last night we have reviewed our current practices at the studio. As you are aware we had worked out a strategy for dealing with the situation as best we could and would let you know how these developed. As we are now on a National Lockdown for three weeks, we will open the studio during our Summer / Christmas closures time to run classes which all our families and dancers are missing at this time.

Our priority is the safety of our students and staff but obviously we want to do everything in our powers to keep the studio alive, so we all have somewhere to go once this COVID-19 is over! With that in mind all our staff have had to go on furlough. During this time, they will be unable to legally work but we hope this provides them a little financial security and will allow them to come back guns blazing upon our re-opening.


I will be sending out plenty of activities, challenges and videos exclusively to our active members (where possible … still got reservations on some of the acro home practice!!) to keep everyone active. Please be patient with me responding to emails etc as we have limited resources at home and the kids all need online access for school too. 

As partners of CLI Studios we have set up a personal portal to allow individual access for our members to take part in their sessions at no extra cost to you. This feature will roll out this week to all our students with current active membership. There will be set classes in line with their current dance style as well as additional learning resources. This is a great opportunity to getting some additional classes with top choreographers.


We appreciate the financial burdens also placed on our families, with that in mind we are deferring the April 2020 fees until August 2020 (Our usual payment break month) We really appreciate your support at this challenging time and hope that with your help we can keep DanSci there for your dancers to burn off all that built up energy and reunite our beautiful dance community. 


Please note that as in our Terms and Conditions we are still providing the number of scheduled sessions to you through the year, by opening the studio when we had planned to be closed, later this year. By cancelling your Direct Debit with the bank you have not given the contracted required notice to cancel your membership, due to the extraordinary circumstance at present we will not enforce the notice period during April 2020 and will remove your active membership immediately. 


Babyballet will be slightly different due to their termly payment. I am in discussions with head office. It may be that after the extended Easter break, we finish of the remaining session of your term via live classes if it is absolutely necessary to do so. We do not want any of our stars missing out. Updates will be coming to you regularly. In the meantime, we are working on some exciting things to keep our babyballet members entertained such as Grandad Jack reading the bedtime story and Flutterstar fairly practising with Twinkle the babyballet bear!


Adults, I will continue to share any fun and relevant content with you so please make sure you are following our social media pages (as below). As of today the PRS has waived online music licensing for a short period and we have revised the disclaimers needed for DanSci’s insurance so we may be able to deliver some live classes but unfortunately we will only have the few of us that are self-employed that would be able to deliver these. Again, please bear with us. As much as we miss you guys hugely, we are all in the same situation of trying to work out how life will be looking for a while and ways to survive home schooling!  


This is our current plan at present, but obviously if this goes on longer this will likely need adjusting. Again, you are all in our hearts, we miss our entire DanSci family and we truly appreciate your support. On behalf of myself and all our staff thank you for helping us protect DanSci.


Much love and virtual hugs (remember to wash your hands regularly!)

Miss Ava




Following the government’s announcement last night we have decided to finish our week out and close ALL YOUTH classes from 1.15 Saturday 21st March 2020. This will be a pause in our services as we bring our Easter break forward by one week allowing us time to re-evaluate 


Youth Classes: We would like to take this time to remind you class fees are calculated on a yearly basis and then divided by the 10 months of payments. As we run 45 weeks of the year we are lucky enough to have some flexibility on when classes run. We aim to keep these inline with the school holidays where possible but in light of the current situation we just want to reassure you that even if we need to extend the current Easter break we will insure that our dancers will not miss out on the number of sessions and that parents and your teachers will not financially miss out over the course of the year. 


(babyballet stars please see your seperate email. In order to make life a little easier for our staff we will also be bringing forward the Easter break for you too. )


As for adult classes; we will be restricting numbers and minimising the number of classes on offer. Only classes running will be listed to book online. We are in discussions with hirers as to which classes are still on going so please contact us if in doubt. As mentioned before we are upping the cleaning routines and therefore some classes may run to a shorter schedule to allow staff into studios to complete a wipe between sessions.


Please be mindful of the new guidelines that if anyone within your household shows symptoms then the entire household must self isolate for 14 days.


We appreciate your cooperation & support during this particularily challenging time. As promised we will keep up communication and will be sending lots of activities and videos from our partner studio CLI Studios to keep our dancers active not to mention virtual hugs to you all.


For your information:


Stay safe and wash those hands

Miss Ava and the DanSci Team



Following the government’s announcement last night we have been in discussion with many dance teachers across the country and babyballet HO. DanSci is watching the situation very closely, and will strictly follow any national guidelines given to us for the safety of our families, children and staff.


 Our classes and facilities are deemed as educational, therefore we will be remaining open as long as the schools continue to do so as stated in our previous correspondence. We believe we are able to hold our classes with much lower risk than they are exposed to in schools, (spreading children out in class as much as possible & eliminating holding hands, barre & partner work etc) We plan to stay open until a decision is taken to close schools however this is still a developing situation, at present we are aiming to run classes in person until Saturday as a minimum. Should schools close this Friday, the next step will be to consider bringing our two week Easter break forward which we will communicate with you as swiftly as possible.


Babyballet being a franchise we have the backing of Head Office to provide virtual classes to our stars in the interim period before an early Easter break. This will allow for minimal disruption to our stars routines and allow us to test this technology with their support should we need to move some of our other classes to this platform in coming weeks. Can all babyballet members please keep an eye on your inboxes for specific instructions regarding your individual classes. This mornings classes will run as usual.


As for adult classes; we will be restricting numbers and minimising the number of classes on offer. Only classes running will be listed to book online. We are in discussions with hirers as to which classes are still on going so please contact us if in doubt. As mentioned before we are upping the cleaning routines and therefore some classes may run to a shorter schedule to allow staff into studios to complete a wipe between sessions.


Please be mindful of the new guidelines that if anyone within your household shows symptoms then the entire household must self isolate for 14 days.


We appreciate your cooperation & support at this difficult time & hope to keep things as normal as possible for our dancers for as long as we are able.


For your information:


Stay safe and wash those hands

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