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New Class Special Offer!

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

🌟 Introducing Our September Spectacular: Your FREE Pass to New Classes 🌟

T & Cs Apply

Only the crème de la crème of our dance community, like you, have been selected to enjoy this extraordinary offer. We're giving you an ALL-ACCESS, VIP pass to all our exciting new classes during the entire month of September. That's right, absolutely FREE! 🎉

Here's a sneak peek at the dazzling new classes awaiting you:


🕺 **Beginner Tap**: Step into the world of tap dancing, perfect for newcomers eager to explore rhythm and movement with their feet.


💃 **Dance Fit**: Join our Dance Fit class for a high-energy workout that combines dance moves with fitness routines, keeping you in shape while having a blast.


🤸‍♂️ **Body Conditioning**: Strengthen and tone your body through our Body Conditioning class, designed to enhance flexibility, endurance, and overall fitness.


🩰 **Acrobatic Dance**: Experience the thrill of acrobatic dance as you learn dynamic movements and breathtaking routines that will elevate your dance skills.


🎪 **Dance Cirque**: Dive into the world of artistic and theatrical dance with our Dance Cirque class, where creativity knows no bounds.

T & Cs apply. only avalible to redeem against new classes as advertised. Non transfereable for invited participates only. Please read the sign up form per class as sessions may be filmed and or photographed for promotional purposes.
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