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Pervez Akbar Pediatrics Pdf 13

Pervez Akbar Pediatrics PDF 13 - A Review of the 8th Edition of Basis of Pediatrics

If you are looking for a comprehensive and updated textbook on pediatric medicine, you might want to check out the Pervez Akbar Pediatrics PDF 13. This is the digital version of the 8th edition of Basis of Pediatrics, a popular book written by Pervez Akbar Khan, a renowned pediatrician and professor from Pakistan. The book covers all the essential topics in pediatrics, from history taking and physical examination, to growth and development, immunization, infectious diseases, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, neurologic disorders, hematologic disorders, neoplastic diseases, endocrine disorders, metabolic diseases, rheumatic diseases, human genetics, nephrology, dermatology, pediatric surgery, poisoning, drug dosages, and reference laboratory values. The book also includes social and preventive pediatrics, psychiatric disorders, pediatric nutrition and nutritional disorders, acutely ill child, neonatology, immunologic disorders, and more.

pervez akbar pediatrics pdf 13

The Pervez Akbar Pediatrics PDF 13 is a convenient and accessible way to read the book on your computer or mobile device. You can download it from various online sources , or you can buy the hard copy from MedTech, the publisher of the book. The PDF file size is 189.36 MB and it has 705 pages. The book is written in clear and concise language, with illustrations, tables, charts, and diagrams to help you understand the concepts better. The book also provides clinical cases, review questions, and key points at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.

The Pervez Akbar Pediatrics PDF 13 is a valuable resource for undergraduate medical students who want to learn the basics of pediatric medicine. It is also useful for postgraduates, family physicians, and veteran pediatricians who want to refresh their knowledge and update their skills in managing various pediatric conditions. The book reflects the latest advancements and evidence-based practices in the field of pediatric medicine. It is based on the author's extensive experience and expertise in teaching and practicing pediatrics for over four decades.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pervez Akbar Pediatrics PDF 13, you can visit the Google Books page to read some excerpts from the book. You can also read some reviews from other readers who have used the book. You will find that the book is well-organized, comprehensive, informative, and easy to read. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to master the basis of pediatrics.


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