Miss scarlet (The triple Threat)

Acrobatic Arts, babyballet and LilBeatz instructor

Scarlet is a professional dancer trained in all main disciplines and specialising in Jazz and Commercial Heels dance. we are loving the fact she is also now a qualified babyballet instructor. She graduated with a Professional and Commercial Dance Foundation Degree from Bath Spa where she trained intensively for two years and is represented by More Zap Talent in Los Angeles.

Scarlet is a qualified ETM fitness instructor and am qualified to instruct group aerobics, body conditioning, strength endurance and stretch classes on top of qualifying in Acrobatic Arts. As a triple threat, alongside her dance training Scarlet also studied vocals (Estill voice training) and acting. She is experienced as lead vocalist for various cover bands and lean towards jazz and soul music genres. So if she's not in the studio on a Friday evening she is quite possibly on the stage entertaining the masses!.