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Keeping our kids active!

The positive impacts of sport and physical activity are gaining more and more attention in the media, with campaigns like This Girl Can and Change4Life popping up on our phones and tv screens. But what makes us really love a sport, and appreciate the benefits it brings? We thought we’d weigh in… 5,6,7,8 ...

Now we know we're preaching to the all know about the benefits of dance tody we are focussing on Street Dance

Street Dance requires children to follow the beat, and do their best to stay in time with the music. With our Street Stars classes, students follow a structured warm up, range of exercises & routines covering the major styles of street dance. Based on UDO Syllabus you can rest assurred they are learning industry standard and age appropriate technique, finishing with a warm down.

Classes get them moving from the start; no one gets benched, and there is no hierarchy. Children stay involved in the class from start to finish, as teachers keep them active throughout....oh and we have super exciting news coming soon about our awesome teachers!

These fun, lively classes are about feeling the music, and staying active. Street dance steps are up for interpretation, and the freedom that this allows can draw even the shyest of pupils from the sidelines. It's the perfect way to start the weekend with a Friday evening of grooving and really compliments the more technique based classes of Acro and Ballet creating versitile dancers!

Contact us if your child would like to give these sessions a go


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