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Musical Theatre: 🌟 Ignite Your Child's Passion for Performing Arts! 🎭🎶

Unlock your child's potential with our captivating Musical Theatre classes! 🌟 Does your little one dream of gracing the stage, dazzling audiences with their moves, voice, and acting prowess? Look no further – our expert instructors are here to guide them on a magical journey through the world of showbiz!

🎬 What are Musical Theatre Classes? 🎤

Imagine a world where dance, music, and acting intertwine seamlessly, creating breathtaking performances that leave audiences spellbound. Our Musical Theatre classes are the ultimate fusion of these art forms, inspired by iconic shows, movies, and musicals that have left their mark on pop culture. From the bright lights of the West End to the silver screen, our classes bring that same excitement and energy right to your child's fingertips.


💃 Unleash Your Child's Inner Star! 🕺

Every session begins with a dynamic warm-up, ensuring your child's body is ready to embrace the magic that follows. From there, they'll embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity, exploring a myriad of activities that nurture their artistic instincts. And the grand finale? Your budding star will master a delightful routine from a beloved stage or screen production, setting the stage for their shining moment in the spotlight.


🎭 More Than Just Dance! 🎶

Our classes are designed to do more than just teach dance steps – they cultivate a holistic range of skills. Your child will not only refine their dancing, but also enhance their vocal prowess, acting abilities, and quick-thinking improvisation. As their abilities flourish, so too will their self-assurance, creativity, and independence. With each step they take, they'll be one stride closer to owning the stage and embracing life's challenges with unwavering confidence.

🌟 Why Choose Us? 🌟

🎵 Expert Instructors: Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience from the world of entertainment, ensuring your child receives top-tier guidance.

🎵 Nurturing Environment: We foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, where every child is empowered to shine at their own pace.

🎵 Show-Stopping Performances: Watch as your child's progress culminates in dazzling showcases that celebrate their growth and achievements.

🎵 Three-Week Trial: Embark on this transformative journey for just £15, giving your child the chance to experience the magic firsthand.

How to book your three week trial video

Discover the magic of musical theatre alongside your child by enrolling them in our exciting classes! Our Level 1 beginners' course, held every Friday, offers a perfect introduction to the enchanting world of performance, where your child will learn the basics of singing, dancing, and acting in a fun and supportive environment. For those looking to take their skills to the next level, our Level 2 performers' class on Thursdays is designed to nurture your child's talents and boost their confidence on stage. With a three-week introductory trial, your child can explore their passion and unleash their creativity through captivating storytelling and engaging performances. Join us on this journey of self-expression, teamwork, and artistic growth that will leave your child with cherished memories and valuable skills that last a lifetime.

Don't miss this chance to see your child's dreams come to life on the stage! Enroll them in our Musical Theatre classes and set them on a path of artistic discovery, growth, and endless possibilities. Let their journey to stardom begin – because at DanSci Dance Studio every child is a shining star!


Enroll Now and Let the Spotlight Shine Bright on Your Child! 🌟

Dance is more than just dance. Your child will learn many life lessons both physical and psychological by taking part in dance classes, team work, dedication, musicality, motor skills, determination, strengthen, patience...the list goes on. At DanSci Dance Studio we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn in a safe, professional, caring environment and we endeavour to nurture, teach and build confidence in your young star. Please download our free gift, Confidence for Child Booklet to you and remember we are here to answer any questions you might have about your child's training. 
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